All Risk Material Damage

Property damage insurance is not only for damage we know can happen, but also for those incidents have no idea will ever happen. It is the difference between a Multi-Risk (business, SME or large company) and an All Risk Material Damage (ARMD) policy. The former covers everything that is indicated in the policy.
The latter covers everything in the former, plus anything that is sudden and accidental and that we do not know could happen.

In addition, our experience of more than 70 years in business risks in numerous sectors has led us to develop a real tailor-made M. Pique suit with standard coverages:

  • Brand Protection
  • Errors and/or Omissions
  • Non-palletized goods
  • Repeal of Wind and Rain Clauses
  • Inclusion of underground pipes
  • Self-combustion
  • Goods in unspecified situations
  • Machinery start-up costs
  • Building collapse
  • Repeal of miscellaneous peril deficiencies

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