Credit risk

  • Credit

Credit insurance is currently the most effective tool for managing commercial risk and the inconveniences resulting from non-payment of trade receivables. Not only from the non-payment of these latter and the expenses that this involves, but also a whole series of additional services:


  • Updated information on customers and their creditworthiness
    This will allow us to direct our commercial efforts towards those clients or sectors that offer sufficient solvency to guarantee our patrimonial stability.
  • Collections management
    Collections management has gone from being a contingency to a well-nigh strategic area in any company. Around 80% of companies suffer non-payments and the cost/time generated by these actions is very high.
  • Compensation and/or advance payment
    The most intrinsic service we take out credit insurance for: recovering the amount of unpaid debts.


  • Surety

Surety insurance is a guarantee that seeks to ensure the fulfilment of an obligation assumed by a customer to a third party, designated as the beneficiary.
A surety insurance company will compensate the beneficiary for financial damage if the policyholder fails to meet his or her legal or contractual obligations


Main advantages compared to a Bank Guarantee:


  • Surety insurance does not compute risk in CIRBE (the Risk Information Centre of the Bank of Spain).
  • The cost of surety insurance is usually less than that of a bank guarantee.
  • Surety insurance generally does not involve the freezing of funds.
  • Insurance companies offer more flexible conditions.
  • Surety insurance facilitates the development of a company’s commercial activity.

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