More and more companies are investing in internationalisation and having a greater presence in other countries. As a result, there has been an increase in the transfer and movement of workers abroad.
Expatriates are those workers who provide a service on a temporary or permanent basis for a company outside their country of origin.
Expatriation can be enormously beneficial to both parties, however, and from a Human Resources point of view, the company must ensure the well-being of its workers.
These are the main options that the insurance sector offers for this purpose.


Travel Assistance


  • Unlimited medical expenses in any country
  • Expenses for repatriation and transfer of family members
  • Travel delays
  • Accident compensation
  • Private civil liability
  • Legal Assistance




  • Death/disability capital due to any cause and 24/7


Crisis Management


  • Consultancy services for risks related to political violence, terrorism and crime that may affect both the company and employees


Kidnapping and extortion


  • Coverage specially designed for the management of a critical situation in countries where the risk of kidnapping is high.


Luggage and personal belongings


  • Checked-in baggage
  • Theft and robbery on the street
  • Hotel stays

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