General Civil Liability

All business activities involve assuming certain liability risks towards third parties. Whether due to the ownership of an asset, a service rendered or a product supplied. In this latter case, Product Withdrawal Expense coverage comes into play. Without it, the consequences for the company’s image and its economic situation can be very serious.

Similarly, the responsibility assumed by companies and their entrepreneurs in the event of an accident at work is a cause for concern. This is all the more true when various articles of the Criminal Code (139, 142, 147 or 152) mean that, in the event of a serious occupational accident, it is increasingly common for the investigating courts to initiate preliminary proceedings to determine whether criminal liability exists.

  • Operational civil liability
  • Tenant civil liability
  • Employer civil liability
  • Civil cross-liability
  • Product civil liability
  • Assembly and disassembly costs
  • Joining and mixing
  • Post-work civil liability
  • Accidental pollution civil liability
  • Primary property damage
  • Professional liability of in-house technicians
  • Subcontractors’ subsidiary liability
  • Legal defence and bails

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